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Digital Photography Assignments

Choose an assignment below. You may choose more than one if you like. All assignments should include at least 30 exposures. Bracket your pictures manually or by choosing the built-in option

Nature Shoot subjects or landscapes in nature. Apply the rule or thirds to some of your pictures. The rule of thirds suggests that points of interest
should fall at the intersection of two sets of horizontal and vertical lines that divide an image into thirds. Compose some of your pictures with artificial frames.

Urban Visit a city and shoot architecture and culture. There are plenty of opportunities to include visual rythym and expression.

Person Without a Face Shoot images that tell something about a person without showing their face.

Abstract Shoot images that show your subject in a unique way. You may shoot parts of images or vary your vantage point and esposure settings to create an artistic image.

Frames Use objects within the composition to frame your subject.

Narrow Depth of Field Use a wide-open f-stop to create this effect.

Action Shoot a series of action photos. Use an appropriate shutter speed to freeze the action.

Scavenger Hunt Create a list of subjects or category and shoot a variety of images.