WKMC at Football Game
Marisa Montgomery Soupie Interview
Tara Demko and Brianna Lutz at the 2012 Kulpmont Car Cruise


During the summer, WKMCTV is upgrading its facility to a hi-definition production studio. For reasons, beyond our control, our cablecasts on Service Electric Cablevision will still be in standard definition. If you would like an high definition Bluray version of any of our productions contact us.

Our students recently documented the Kulpmont Car Cruise and the Mount Carmel 105th Anniversary Fireman's parade. The DVD's should be released sometime in October.

WKMCTV visits the Mount Carmel Post Office for an inside look about the delivery of your mail.


Cat: Community

Video: Cassandra Troutman

Writer: Marisa Montgomery

Date - 10/2012

This past fall the 150th Anniversary Commitee of Mount Carmel buried time capsules from past decades in the Mount Carmel Town Park. The community was invited.


Cat: Community Video: Tara Demko Date - 12/2012

This past Christmas Sts. Peter & Paul Church in Mount Carmel held a Christmas celebration pagaent and invited the community. Tara Demko produced this video about the event.


Cat: Community Producer: Tara Demko Date - 12/2012

The Kulpmont Car Cruise is a summer event that has been growing in popularity for over i5 years. WKMCTV students Brianna Lutz and Tara Demko visited with many of the participants. The cruise will air in its entirety sometime in October on WKMCTV.


Cat: Community Photo. - Brianna Lutz, Tara Demko Date - 06/2012

Mount Carmel celebrated its 150th anniversary as a borough in July. A fireman's parade was organized by community members as part of the festivities. Briann Lutz and Robin Hampton documented the celebration.


Cat: Community Photo. - Brianna Lutz, Robin Hampton Date 07/2012

Coach Joe "Jazz" Diminick was interviewed this summer at the George McFee Studio by Jose Gonzalo and Warren Altomare. He explained how Kulpmont High School became the "Wildcats" and shared some memories of his playing and coaching careers.


Cat: Community Camera- Kayla Bressi, Nicole Purcell Date 07/2012