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Border lights are used for toning, filling and to wash light from above when it is needed. This fixture is supplied with reversible color frames or glass filters, one per socket, a pair of iron swivel hangers, each with a C-clamp to attach to the battaans or poles.

The fresnel is excellent for long throws
in theaters and television studios, where soft-edged diffused lighting is required. Notice the star lock on the bottom of the fixture. This is called the barrel. Moving it forward causes the light to spread out and flood, while moving it to the rear of the fixture concentrates the beam to a spot.

The ellipsoidal is a fixture used for long throws when a concentrated beam is desired. Our models provide a fixed cone angle of 12, 20 and 30 degrees. The 12 degree model is the largest fixture and produces the smallest beam. Notice the handles mid-way on the body of the fixture. They are used to adjust four shutters which allow the user to shape the beam as needed.

The scoop fixture is used as a flood light and a cyclorama light. The light spreads over a wide area and is good for general lighting.


Cyclorama (cyc) lights are used to put an even wash of light on the cyclorama or for general stage lighting. The light is equipped with a gel holder to change the color of the beam. If positioned eight feet from the cyc, the beam will spread to approximately a 12 x 20 foot wash.


The followspot is used to highlight an area or moving subject on the stage. Notice the color controls on the mid-area which change the color of the beam. Also note the rear controls which change the shape, size and focus of the beam. Operating a followspot requires specific training. Care must be taken to keep light from striking the proscenium and applying the light with minimum distraction. Never point the light up to the ceiling, as this will damage the moving parts inside.


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