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Mr. Foursprings classes are doing a new project. Check out what they have been up to.


Category- School Author - Caity Avellino
Camera- Alyssa Bielski
Date- 3/2013


Marisa Montgomery & Christine Mrozek

MCA alumni Christine Mrozek and Meyrick Lamb discuss academic and social contrasts of high school vs. college with MCA LIVE Reporter Marisa Montgomery.


Category- School

Camera- Alyssa Belski

Interviewer - Marisa Montgomery

Date- 12/2012


Shaine Lepley

MCA alumnus Shaine Lepley is now a member of "The Blue Band at Penn State University. On December 16th, he brought three fellow trombone players from the famous band to share some classic Christmas music with members of the community.


Category- Community Camera- David McFee Date- 12/2012


Shaine Lepley

Doug Cole on a unique spin about research papers.

Category- School Camera- Brianna Lutz Date- 05/2013


Webelos and Cub Scouts from Pack 3178 visited the WKMCTV studios in January. Tara Demko gave the scouts an in-depth look at behind the scenes of television production.


Category- Community Author- Tara Demko
Camera - Cassie Troutman, Leah Nicola
Date- 02/2013


Welcome to Matucci's Willow Cafe for an evening "inside Tornado Football" with Supper Club.


Category- Sports Author- Alyssa Buggy
Camera- Matt Shearn
Date- 09/2011


Find out how Mount Carmel Area became known for "Soupies", where they came from, and how they're made.

Category- Community Author- Marisa Montgomery Date- 03/11


If your new to the high school, maybe you're still having trouble getting your locker opened. MaryRose might be able to help.

Category- School Author- MaryRose Latorre Date- 09/2012


The mystery of the "Parking Lot People" is attempted to be solved.

Category- Studio Author - Valerie Bendas Date- 05/2012


Eric Joraskie is in his senior year at Mount Carmel Area High School. This year he will play tight end on offense and tackle on defense for the Red Tornadoes. Tara Demko interviewed Eric regarding his selection to attend Northwestern University in the fall of 2013.

Category- Sports Camera - Tara Demko Date- 08/2012


Nicole Horsefield takes a new perspective on the visual artistry of the colorguard and their contribution to the field show of the Mount Carmel Area High School "Big Red Band".

Category- Band Author- Nicole Horsefield Date- 03/2011


2008 Computer Fair entry informing viewers about how blood donations help save lives.


Category- Computer Fair Author- Alyssia Venna
Camera- Haley Stepp
Date- 03/2008



MCA senior tailback Luke Klingerman recently broke a single-game rushing record by racking up 365 yards against Montoursville. Marisa Montgomery spoke with Luke about the record and playing football for the Red Tornadoes


Category- Community Author- Marisa Montgomery
Camera- David McFee
Date- 10/2012



Members of the Mount Carmel 150th Anniversary Committee displayed items found in the recently-opened time capsule that had been buried in the town park in 1962.


Category- Community Author- Tara Demko
Camera- David McFee
Date- 10/2012


Visit the home economics room for a lesson on freezing vegetables.


Category- School Author- Michael Swatski
Camera- Alex Mrozek, Cassie Troutman
Date- 10/2012


For the school year 2012-13 Mount Carmel Area has adopted a new program to improve discipline issues and create a more positive learning enviroment within the schools. Learn more about the program Tornado PRIDE in this video


Category- School Author- Marisa Montgomery
Camera- Cassie Troutman, Alyssa Bielski, Jason Eichelberger
Date- 09/2012


Take a look into the control room and News Reporting class that produces our morning show MCA LIVE

Category- School Author - Marisa Montgomery
Camera - Aaron McFee
Date- 05/2012


Coach Joe "Jazz" Diminick was interviewed this summer at the George McFee Studio by Jose Gonzalo and Warren Altomare. He explained how Kulpmont High School became the "Wildcats" and shared some memories of his playing and coaching careers.


Category- Community Camera- Kayla Bressi, Nicole Purcell Date 07/2012

WKMCTV visits the Mount Carmel Post Office for an inside look about the delivery of your mail.


Cat: Community

Video: Cassandra Troutman

Writer: Marisa Montgomery

Date - 10/2012

This past fall the 150th Anniversary Commitee of Mount Carmel buried time capsules from past decades in the Mount Carmel Town Park. The community was invited.


Cat: Community Video: Tara Demko Date - 12/2012

This past Christmas Sts. Peter & Paul Church in Mount Carmel held a Christmas celebration pagaent and invited the community. Tara Demko produced this video about the event.


Cat: Community Producer: Tara Demko Date - 12/2012

The Kulpmont Car Cruise is a summer event that has been growing in popularity for over i5 years. WKMCTV students Brianna Lutz and Tara Demko visited with many of the participants. The cruise will air in its entirety sometime in October on WKMCTV.


Cat: Community Photo. - Brianna Lutz, Tara Demko Date - 06/2012

Mount Carmel celebrated its 150th anniversary as a borough in July. A fireman's parade was organized by community members as part of the festivities. Briann Lutz and Robin Hampton documented the celebration.


Cat: Community Photo. - Brianna Lutz, Robin Hampton Date 07/2012